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Why a Kids Suitcase is Perfect For Your Summer Holiday

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Why a Kids Suitcase is Perfect For Your Summer Holiday

We’re nearly there! Summer will soon be with us and we can all look forward to getting on that beach and relaxing with that book (hopefully).

However, you’ve to get there first and anybody who has children knows that sometimes, travelling with children can be quite stressful for all the family.

When you’re going on holiday with your children it’s really important to keep them occupied throughout the duration of the trip, including preparation and travel time. One of the best ways to keep children interested is to make them feel part of the whole journey.

Children love to get involved in everything their parents do, which is why our children’s suitcases are the perfect travel partners and are a fantastic way to get your little one involved.

Bee suitcase

Suitcases designed for your little traveller

Our suitcases are designed to give your little one a bit of independence when travelling. They are the perfect size for children and come in a variety of fun designs from Spiderman to a Ladybird, we’ll have a design perfect for your child.

With fixed wheels at the bottom of the case it rolls smoothly, even when fully loaded, allowing your children to act just like you and transport it on their own. This not only lets them feel independent, but also frees up your hands at the airport. It’s a win, win situation.

Our kids suitcases have a variety of different compartments to put their bits and bobs in, this is perfect to separate smaller items that your little one might need for entertainment on the spot.

All of our children’s suitcases meet airline hand luggage requirements but still have a spacious 20 litre compartment which is more than enough space to pack everything they need.

Designed for ultimate comfort, as well as having a two-stage telescopic handle for children to easily drag behind them, our kids suitcases also feature a padded top grab handle. These features are not only functional but also play a vital part in the comfort of your little traveller.

Our cases are perfect to travel with as the spacious main compartment will allow you to pack clothing, shoes and any holiday essentials, but with the use of our extra quick access compartments you can easily pull out a tablet or colouring book on the plane when your child gets bored.

Spiderman suitcase

What should I pack in my kids suitcase?

Going on holiday is thrilling for children, even if you find the packing and organisation a bit stressful, try to let them give you a hand packing their suitcase.

Pack one pair of trousers or shorts for each day of your trip, at least one t-shirt and underwear and socks for each day. It’s a great idea to let your little one put each outfit in a zip lock bag to ensure you have enough outfits for the duration of the trip. This way you can put clothes that will be worn at the end of the trip towards the bottom of the case. Put any shoes right at the bottom of the case, and then stack the zip lock bags on top.

If there are any toiletries you want to put in your child’s suitcase such as a tooth brush and tooth paste store them in a little wash bag, try to avoid anything too heavy such as shampoo that would be best to keep in your suitcase.

Leave the smaller compartments empty to pack activities in, take a tablet packed with games and movies and a colouring book, for added excitement let your kids choose a magazine at the airport. All of which can be accessed easily.

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