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Kids Suitcases

Our popular kids suitcases are really on a roll. The range features a Ladybird, Turtle, Bee, Dinosaur and your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman joins the team to help your little one gain some freedom. With 20 litres of space and a telescopic handle, these hard wearing child sized suitcases are just the ticket for sleepovers and weekends away.

  • Red Spiderman suitcase
    Spiderman Suitcase
    £59.99 Save £40.00
    5 reviews

  • Green turtle kids suitcase
    Turtle Suitcase
    £39.99 Save £13.00
    6 reviews

  • Black and yellow bee kids suitcase
    Bee Suitcase
    3 reviews

  • Red ladybird kids suitcase
    Ladybird Suitcase
    4 reviews

  • Brown dinosaur kids suitcase with orange spine
    Dinosaur Suitcase
    1 review