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Crocodile DriStore Kids Backpack

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Product code(s): L12010

Product Description

Children can take a Crocodile swimming with these practical water-resistant backpacks. They have a spacious 5 litre main compartment to store kit and towels, plus a secret coin pocket for after-swim snacks. These bags are a must for trips to the pool or beach.

Note for Parents: A grab handle at the top means you can hold your child in an instant.

Product Features

  • Water-resistant 5 litre main compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with chest strap
  • Compatible with Daysack Rein
  • Secret coin pocket
  • Internal name and address label
  • Top grab handle
  • Complies with safety standard EN 13210-2004 for Children's Harnesses and Reins when used with L10236 Daysack Rein (available separately)

Technical Info

Weight: 185g (6.5oz.)
Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 30 cm (6¾x2½x12")
Capacity: 5 litres
Suitable for Ages: 3+ years


Green crocodile water resistant backpack front

Product Reviews for Crocodile DriStore Kids Backpack


Great bag, looks brilliant too, only down side is it is a touch small, but my daughter loves it!

Ele C-D

Really like this backpack bought as a gift, it is a little small for a swim bag but that doesn't have to be it's only use. Arrived quickly. Happy buyer!

Annie Y

The Crocodile Backpack is absolutely unique! It's super cute and my 6 year old daughter adores it! And my 3 year old son has the toddler Dinosaurs backpack and its super cool too! I want strongly to suggest that you start producing these great backpacks for grown-ups too :))

Michelle Whitehouse

My 2 1/2 year old son had out grown his dinosaur day bag which he loved since day one. So we had a hunt the website and he spotted this, instantly he loved it and couldn't wait for it to arrive. Deliver was quick so he didn't have to wait long. He loves it and refuses to take it off. It's perfect for the beach and everyday out and about, fits all his stuff in. Towel, change of clothes, clogs, drink bottle and a snack. The coin pocket is small but fits his hand sanitiser so that's me happy. Overall we love this bag and can not rate it enough. And my 1 year old is looking forward to have the dinosaur bag all to himself. :)

Christina McAllister

I purchased the crocodile kids daysack (ages 3+, 5L capacity); however it does not fit that description.
It's TINY!! The tag on ours (and the ad) says a 5L storage capacity. I tried to put our 3L container of milk in it to test the size. With 5L of capacity, it should fit no problem, right? Wouldn't even get past the initial opening.....
The main compartment has enough space to store a swim suit (no towel!) OR some snacks (but not both, unless both are really compact!). The "snack coin pouch" is scarcely visible and has just enough space for a pound coin. That's it.
It says for 3+ on the tag but for ages 4-6 on the instructions inside. There is NO WAY this will fit a 4-6 year old.
Cute design, poor execution, and completely false advertising.

Response from LittleLife:

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to hear you have issues with your Crocodile DriStore Daysack! We’d like to address each of your points in turn.

The method we use to measure the capacity of packs involves pouring very small plastic beads into the pack and identifying the volume of beads that will fit the bag should it be filled completely with the lid closed. Due to the various curves and seams of this kind of fabric product, we cannot determine whether a specific object will fit. The Crocodile DriStore Daysack does have a volume of 5 litres.

Regarding towels, we understand your difficulty fitting a larger cotton towel inside this day sack due to the thickness of the pile. However, we at Littlelife pride ourselves on our compact poncho towels produced from soft compactable UPF 50+ fabric. These comfy towels will easily fit within the daysack.

The Dristore kids day sacks are made to ensure you can fit all of your little essentials such as a costume, towel, snack and drink. The coin pocket although small can hold up to ten pound coins.

We have had a re-work with our age ranges and it has taken time for our packaging to catch up. We do apologise for there being a difference on your packaging against the information you have seen on our web page. It is difficult to specify age ranges because children come in all different sizes. This product is now specified as 3+. In the lifestyle image on this page you will see a 4 year old of average height wearing the daysack comfortably.

We understand from your other contact on email, Facebook, and Amazon that you purchased on Amazon. Please return the product for a full refund.