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Animal Backpacks (3+yrs)

Our toddler animal backpacks were so popular we just couldn’t stop there. Take our classic toddler backpacks, size them up and what have you got? These amazing kid’s animal backpacks. A more substantial version but just as fun. Our ever expanding range of designs are great for any child and have all the features you’ve come to expect from LittleLife products. From a pretty fairy to a busy bee, you’ll find something to suit your child's taste and lifestyle. These bags are the perfect size to send your little one off to school with. All of our backpacks are made with comfort and practicality in mind to ensure your child looks and feels great!

  • Pink hi-vis butterfly kids backpack front
    Big Hi-Vis Butterfly Kids ActionPak
    From £16.99
    £20.99 Save £4.00
    2 reviews

  • Pink fairy backpack with wings
    Fairy ActiveGrip Kids Backpack
    1 review

  • Yellow hi-vis dinosaur kids backpack front
    Big Hi-Vis Dinosaur Kids ActionPak
    From £20.99
    6 reviews

  • Red ladybird backpack front
    Big Ladybird Kids Backpack
    4 reviews

  • Brown dinosaur backpack with orange spine
    Big Dinosaur Kids Backpack
    2 reviews

  • Yellow and black bee backpack front
    Big Bee Kids Backpack
    1 review

  • Pink owl school bag
    Owl Kids SchoolPak
    1 review

  • Green crocodile school bag
    Crocodile Kids SchoolPak

  • Pink butterfly kids backpack
    Big Butterfly Kids Backpack

  • Black and white penguin bag with feet
    Penguin Backpack
    6 reviews