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Adventurer Child Carrier

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Product code(s): L10591

Product Description

The Adventurer Child Carrier is a pick-up-and-go carrier that features an adjustable back system, making it even easier to use on walks to the shops, the park, or anywhere you want! The kick-out leg at the base of the carrier offers stability whilst on the ground and allows the carrier to collapse for easier storage.

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Product Features

  • Top grab handles & soft face pad
  • Adjustable, anatomically shaped child seating area
  • Fully adjustable backsystem
  • Pivoting hip belt for comfort whilst walking
  • Storage pocket in the base
  • Kick-out leg offers extra stability

Technical Info

Weight: 1.9kg (4lbs. 3oz.)
Dimensions: 41 x 32 x 73cm (16¼ x 12½ x 28¾”)
Max. Load: 20kg (44lbs)
Adult Fit: 1.57 - 1.87m (5’2” - 6’2”)
Suitable for Ages: 6 months - 3 years
Suitable for Safety: Complies with BS EN 13209:2004 and BS EN 71-3:1994 Safety Standards
Adjustable Backsystem: Adjustable
Additional Features: Storage pocket in the base



Product Reviews for Adventurer Child Carrier


Great product! We've tested it on a short 4 days break carrying 2.5 y.o. son. Both shoulder straps and lumbar support did the job very well. Excellent frame. Generally a must-have for all little adventurers!


We are using this carrier for our 21 month old. It is comfortable to wear and easy to use. My daughter looks comfortable in it and seems very happy in it. It is very durable and has great storage. Wish we had bought earlier

David Taylor

Excellent product and service. We had a good look at all the competition and nothing else compares for value.


Bought adventurer for my One year old.. loves it. She got a great view and easy on daddies back...

Anthony Ryan

This carrier is great quality and so easy to use the storage is huge.

Chrissy Crellen

This is a great baby carrier! Bought for our 6 month old, she is very happy and comfortable in it. Both my husband and I have worn it and both find it lighter than expected and very comfortable to wear, even on slippery, muddy walks! The pouch under the seat is handy storage, and the carrier looks like it will be great for her as she grows.


Brilliant piece of equipment, last minute purchase for holiday to Cornwall, no regrets, little man loved it, (9 months) comfortable to wear, good space for storage, excellent portable high chair too with the kick out stand. Highly recommending to friends and family.


Absolutely fantastic! We couldn't recommend this highly enough. Having 2 Springer Spaniels, we need to get out and about in the countryside a lot, but we were finding our walks limited by the pram-friendliness, despite having a fantastic off-road pram. We purchased the adventurer as soon as our daughter hit 6 months old and it is incredible. She loves being in it and particularly enjoys a Daddy's-eye-view of the world. She is happy and comfortable, so much so that she sometimes falls asleep using the comfy facepad as a cushion. I have a bad back and therefore struggled up to the 6month point with the front carrying baby slings etc, but the adjustment on the adventurer means that I can now walk miles and not ache at all. Plus it also comfortably adjusts to fit my 6ft2 husband. The storage compartments are really generous. We carry around nappy changing equipment, a toy, a bottle for her and us, and there is plenty of space left for a packed lunch. We also have the rain cover for it too, which is easy to put together and covers not only her head and shoulders, but the whole cover and her legs and feet, so she stay nice and toasty. We love our Adventurer and look forward to years of long walks in the woods with our Daughter and dogs. Thank you!

Holly Watson

We purchased the adventurer child carrier when our little boy was 6 months old...the fully adjustable seat was brilliant for his small size and has grown with him perfectly as he has gotten bigger. He also likes to have a good suck on the cute animal print cushion!
As for us....what can I say! The backpack is comfortable for my husband on the large setting and perfect for me on the extra small setting...the weight distribution is lovely and makes it feel like you are carrying half the weight! We were that impressed that everyone we know has tried it on! Granny,grandpa and my 13 year old sister


Love! Love! Love! We purchased this item through an outdoor goods store. The store was pretty large and had a wide range of brands, with the help of the store assistants we spent a lot of time trying them on as we had the challenge of trying to get a carrier that would fit both my husband and myself while offering comfort to my 10 month old.
I think this carrier was about the 7th we tried and both my husband and i agreed it was far superior to those we had previously tried on. The shoulder straps are adjustable vertically for people of different heights (perfect for my husband and I), Shoulder straps are lovely and wide and well padded with the added security of the chest strap to stop it slipping off your shoulders. The lumbar support and waist strap are very wide and well padded and sits very comfortably on your back and the frame is also molded to the curvature of your back for extra comfort.
My son sits in comfortably, has three adjustable straps (two of which are shoulder straps) and two side straps which wrap the carrier around him. My son loves the chest pad with the animal pictures on. As he get older we will invest in some foot stirrups so that he will have some extra support and be able to start adjusting his own sitting position.
The carriers frame is really sturdy with a foot anchor point at the bottom to stop it toppling over, however on flat ground i see no reason why it would topple over of its own accord.
it comes with a surprising amount of storage. it has two medium sized pockets either side and roughly a 10 litre space, we were able to put everything we normally carry in our change bag in there so we were very pleased with this.
We have used it several times already and cant wait for more sunny weather. We now looking to purchase the sun shade and rain cover. Little life have told us the rain cover is compatible however due to it being made to fit the larger carriers it may have some excess material. Will leave a review once purchased.