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Buggy Lock

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The buggy lock is a highly secure pushchair or child carrier attachment designed to hold additional items. With it's 3-digit combination lock, it is also ideal for locking buggies or child carriers to railings or other solid fixtures when out and about.

The karabiner-style loop simply snaps on to the pram handle and is then held in place using a metal clip. It also includes a padded foam section to reduce wear and tear.

Shopping bags, changing bags and handbags can be strung onto the loop, making your life easier by keep your hands free when you need them most.

Note for Parents: Take care not to overload with too many items when in use.


  • Strong metal buggy lock in karabiner-style design
  • Includes a 3-digit coded lock
  • Attaches easily to most pushchairs or child carriers to increase storage space
  • Includes padded foam section to avoid marking or damaging pushchair
Product code: L13230

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