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Little Explorers: ‘You’ Time From Your Little Ones

Little Explorers: ‘You’ Time From Your Little Ones

You’ve nearly made it! The start of school term is in sight and we’re all making a big push for the finish line! It’s been wonderful and exhausting in equal measure. It’s really important to let your children know that you deserve a break too – and some loving care and attention when the constant demands have been overwhelming. Here’s a recipe for a delicious smelling salt scrub that’s super speedy to make and will unleash your inner Greek goddess.

You could help your children to make this for you and express their love that way. Or you could encourage your partner to help your children…! You’re bound to have all these ingredients at home – honey, olive oil, salt and an essential oil of your choice. All you need is little elbow grease and a pretty jar to store it in.

Combine 3 fl.oz. olive oil with 2 fl.oz. honey. This will take some doing. We got the whisk on it eventually but it didn’t blend in entirely. Then sprinkle 50g salt into the gloop, gradually. It will slowly firm up. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. I chose Bergamot for its uplifting and slightly spicy, orange citrus aroma. You might want to choose a calming lavender or cleansing rosemary. (If you use Bergamot, make sure it has absorbed into the skin before exposing to direct sunlight.) Pour the mix into a pretty glass container and perhaps ask a Little Explorer to decorate it for you.

Now sink into a hot, full bath, push all the brightly coloured plastic toys out of sight, and scrub your cares away! A ‘medicinal’ glass of wine will definitely help the treatment work.

So many of you are entrepreneurs on top of being 24/7 carers, therapists, doctors, cooks, engineers, milk producers, bill payers, childcare sorters, bottom wipers, cleaners, party planners, diary managers, card senders, present buyers, ironers, food shoppers, battery replacers… the to-do list is quite literally endless!

Most of us are time-poor but rich in good intentions, so anything that spreads a little happiness and makes our lives easier is welcome. Drum roll please for Box of Smiles, created and run by Sarah Gilbert, mum of three energetic little ones. Box of Smiles creates perfect presents for anyone who needs a little lift. Sarah does all the hard work for you, sourcing beautiful, organic treats and trinkets and packaging them up with just the right amount of bling. If there’s a mother in your life who needs a little love, why not send her one of these beautiful boxes? Best of luck with the business, Sarah!

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