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Winter Walking With Your Child

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Winter Walking With Your Child

We all know that heading outdoors with your children doesn’t stop when the weather turns cold. The difference between a child that has been indoors all morning, compared to a child that has been out for a walk is substantial. The extra bundling up before heading out with all the supplies to keep warm, plus the additional washing caused by puddle jumping or the muddy paths, is worth every minute. Getting all wrapped up and going out for a winter walk when it is crisp and dry is certainly hard to beat.

If you struggle trying to encourage them to leave the cosy warmth of the house, turn the outing into an adventure! It is no longer a walk just to get some fresh air and exercise, it is now an official ‘Welly Walk’ where they have to dress up like Eskimos and go looking for animal tracks or places they might hibernate. Keep your little adventurers well protected by dressing them up in their favourite all-in-one suits, gloves and wellington boots. Don’t forget to fill those thermal flasks with a hot coffee for yourself (or a festive hot chocolate), and pack a few blankets. When using a LittleLife Child Carrier don’t forget the Child Carrier Rain Cover to keep them sheltered and dry, or if using a buggy pack the Buggy Rain Cover so your walk doesn’t have to end early.

Sitting for too long in their carrier or buggy might result in them feeling a little cold and therefore unmotivated. Encourage them to get out as often as possible to run around and keep warm by creating competitions such as who can find the most different coloured leaves that have fallen to the ground. Take along a bag or box especially for them to store their treasures - and to prevent your pockets being quickly filled! Who will be the first to see a robin, one of Santas well known spies? Not forgetting who can make the best dragon impression using their breath on an icy cold day.

Download a navigation app on your phone such as the OS Maps App and find or plot a new route, get them involved with the navigation when you arrive at junctions and ask which way you need to turn next.

The walk doesn’t have to end once you arrive home. Those leaves they collected, can now be the afternoon activity as they make a collage with all they have gathered. Then why not print off your favourite photo from the day and add it to the finished result, creating a wonderful memory of the day.

Enjoy your walks this winter and stay warm!

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