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Eight Great Family Beaches in the UK

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Eight Great Family Beaches in the UK

The beach is often at the heart of the family summer holiday. Whether abroad or in the UK we breathe a big sigh of relief once we inhale the sea air and feel the sand beneath our feet.

We offer a range of beach kit for your little sandy adventurers from poncho towels to beach shelters, but before you think about what to take, which beach are you going to take it to?

In the UK we are spoilt for choice with so much coastline available for us to explore. With so many possibilities, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite family beaches in the UK.

Blackpool Sands

A favourite for many families, south Devon’s Blackpool Sands offers turquoise seas and a fun shingle beach. These extremely small pebbles mean that the water is very clear – perfect for kids to enjoy splashing around in. Another way to enjoy the water is to rent kayaks or paddle boards that are available on the beach.


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Found in the south of Dorset, Bournemouth has 7 miles of sandy beaches and also some of the warmest sea temperatures you can find in the UK. The beaches have received a number of awards including for water quality and safety.

For families with children who like to wander, there is a great safety system too. Each section of the beach is colour coded and coloured bands are available. This way, if your little one decides to go exploring it is easier for lifeguards to spot them in the wrong section.


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Sometimes referred to as the ‘Hawaii of Wales’, Tenby has 3 main beaches and is Pembrokeshire’s main tourist area. The Harbour Beach even won a ‘Best Beach in Europe’ award in 2014. With white sand and blue sea, Tenby is perfect for building sand castles on a hot summer day.


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Another Dorset beach, Charmouth is part of the famous Jurassic Coast and is a great place to take kids fossil hunting. Searching among the pebbles you can sometimes find fossils such as ammonite, belemnite, crinoid and if you’re really lucky, Ichthyosaur bones. What better way to go exploring and learn about dinosaurs at the same time!


One of Fife’s most popular beaches, Burntisland has a soft sand beach for kids to play on as well as rock pools to explore. If you look closely you might even be able to find crabs and starfish.


Maybe more suitable for slightly older children, Polzeath in Cornwall has a large sandy beach and some great waves. You can rent surf and body boards on the beach and even get surf lessons if you’re a beginner. The requirements for kids tends to be only that they can swim well but it is always worth checking ahead to make sure.


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Saunton Sands

Another great beach for sandcastle making, Saunton Sands of north Devon stretches for 3 miles and there are often good waves for surfing or body boarding.

One of the main attractions is Braunton Burrows, located just behind the beach. These sand dunes are one of the largest systems in the UK and are a Unesco biosphere reserve. These huge mounds of sand are great fun for kids to slide down and explore. You might even see some of the local rabbits.


On the Lincolnshire coastline, Mablethorpe is a sandy beach that has a lot of activities for families. If you get bored of donkey rides, kayaking and crazy golf, there’s always time to take a trip on the sand train!


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Made your decision, now how about that poncho?


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