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What Do You Put in a Toddler’s Backpack?

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What Do You Put in a Toddler’s Backpack?

Toddlers love to run around and be free from their buggy, although sometimes they might need a bit of help. This is where a toddler’s backpack is useful.

Not only do kids love a fun and colourful backpack, but they can help you to keep track of where they are in crowded places. Also they can start to learn about responsibility as they carry things. These are great reasons for your little adventurer to wear one but you might be asking yourself, what exactly do I put in a toddler’s backpack?

Beach backpacks

On days out

Dependent on your activities for the day, what your toddler carries with them will vary greatly. On days out exploring you can fill a pack with any fruit and snacks that may be needed along the way, as well as juice pouches, which are great for picnics.

As we all know, kids love running around and playing in the sun, so a small sunscreen is important to pack for protection against harmful UV rays. Similarly, a peaked cap can be clipped to the grab handle at the top of a pack.

Keep them entertained

On any journey kids need to be entertained, so colouring books and pencils or small toys are an easy way to do this and are easily packed in to a backpack. Trips swimming are another perfect opportunity to give your child some responsibility as they can hold their goggles, towel and arm bands in their backpack.


Our LittleLife backpacks

Our own LittleLife backpacks come with a detachable rein to help keep your child safe. You may feel that these are only necessary in crowded areas and at other times the backpack is perfect to store the reins in.


We have given some simple ideas here for situations where children can be in charge and look after their own snacks and toys but there are countless more. As they carry their own things, even if it is just colouring pencils and snacks, they can join in with you and start to learn about responsibility.

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