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Tips to Make Sure Your Kids are Safe on Holiday

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Tips to Make Sure Your Kids are Safe on Holiday

Tips for Safe Kids on Holiday

Family holidays are some of our most enjoyable childhood memories, from packing your kids’ suitcase to running around on the beach and building sand castles. These are the memories that’ll last forever.

While this sounds delightful, as a parent your child’s safety is paramount and keeping your precious family safe whilst on holiday requires extra vigilance.

In this blog we’ll provide some tips on sun protection, pool safety, travel sickness and travel insurance to help keep your children safe on holiday.

Prior to the Holiday

Prior to the much anticipated holiday, talk to the children and communicate any rules such as playing in viewable sight of the parents. It’s a good idea to reiterate the rules every now and then.

Sun Protection

If your holiday is to a warm location, skiing or somewhere at altitude, bring sun protection.

Remember to:

  • Choose a reliable sunscreen, at least factor 15. WebMD provide information on what makes a reliable sunscreen.
  • Apply sunscreen to all areas of the child’s body that isn’t covered by clothing. This would include ears, hands, feet, behind the neck and face.
  • Apply sunscreen before the child heads out into the sun and reapply at regular intervals whilst exposed to the sun.
  • Keep babies in the shade or very well protected, it’s best to dress them in lose clothing made of natural fibres to help them stay cool.
  • Ensure children are hydrated. Keep water around and ensure it is drunk regularly by the whole family.

Pool Safety

Keep a close eye on young children around the swimming pool and near the sea.

It’s wise to:

  • Oversee youngsters around water
  • Have a preference to pools which are secure and have locked gates.
  • While keeping an eye on the children also develop an understanding of their activities and potentially spot issues that might arise.
  • You could also enlist kids in a swimming course with professionally trained lifeguards whilst on holiday.

Travel Sickness

Both adults and children can suffer from travel sickness. Early symptoms include paleness, constant saliva and hot flushes. If your child suffers from travel sickness visit your pharmacy for the right medicine.


  • Avoid keeping attention at moving objects. Keep your eyesight focused on one spot ahead of you. This is a good distraction technique.
  • If on a boat, if possible position yourself in the middle of it. The back and forth motion won’t be as harsh.
  • Stay away from junk foods, especially spicy foods as they can irritate a sensitive stomach. Instead opt for foods like oatmeal, fish, rice and pasta.
  • On an extended journey, take regular walks to get fresh air.
  • Ginger based foods and drinks have been shown to improve travel sickness.

Travel Insurance

It’s advisable to purchase travel insurance in case of any accidents as holiday insurance covers any potential medical bills. As a parent or guardian you’ll do absolutely everything in your power to ensure your kids’ safety, however some things are out of the power of the parent, so travel insurance is good for your peace of mind.

Backpack Safety Reins

Attached onto the toddler backpack, backpack safety reins help stop your little one from getting too far ahead of you.

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