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Should I Use Baby Reins

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Should I Use Baby Reins

What are baby reins?

Baby reins are a type of safety harness for children to wear whilst out and about with parents. The idea is that a parent can have control over where the child is at all times, so that the child is not able to walk or run away from the parent.

Dinosaur Baby Reins

Dinosaur Toddler Reins - £12.99 / 14,99 €

Pros of using baby reins

When a toddler has just started to walk reins are very important to consider. Toddlers love having the freedom to walk, which can sometimes lead to them running off in a flood of excitement. In this case having reins might make you feel more comfortable, it allows your child to walk at a close distance to you, yet still having their own freedom to walk as they please.

Reins are also great to use if you are taking your child to a crowded place, this allows the child to walk as they wish, but you don’t have to worry about losing them in the crowd.

Cons of using baby reins

Baby reins are a safety precaution for children and are very popular with parents; however some parents see them as to restricting for the child and would prefer to hold their child’s hand rather than use reins.

There is some speculation about reins being uncomfortable for children and some parents do not like the look of reins. This is one of the main reasons for parents not to use reins for their children, however there are currently plenty of reins available which are designed with a child’s comfort in mind.

Some parents also find it difficult to get their child to wear the reins without them throwing a tantrum, with this in mind there are many reins designed in a fun way so that children enjoy wearing them.

Should I be using baby reins?

Using reins is a personal choice for each parent to decide upon; however we highly recommend the use of baby reins as a safety precaution.

Taking the above into consideration, if you did not want to use reins due to your child finding them uncomfortable you can also get a variety of children’s backpacks with an attachable rein, allowing you to have control over them when you wish.

Please also consider all of the different reins that are available, as we are sure you will find something both you and your child are happy with!

Monkey Toddler Backpack with Baby Rein

Monkey Toddler Backpack with Rein - £14.99 / 19,99 €

All prices correct on date of publish.

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