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5 Places To Use A Travel Cot

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5 Places To Use A Travel Cot

Cots are an essential product in the lives of parents with young kids. Knowing your little one is safely tucked away in their cot and won’t be strolling around the house by themselves, getting into mischief, can’t be overrated! The joy of owning a travel cot, specifically designed for families on the move, means that you can take this security with you wherever you go.


Days out to the beach are something that almost every family loves. There is always plenty going on to keep the adults and the kids entertained but young children are likely to get tired out after all that excitement and a travel cot can be the ideal place for them to take a nap, sheltered from the wind and with sun shade attachment (sold separately) protected from harmful UV rays.

Visiting Family and Friends

Trips to visit family and friends no matter how far or near can be made slightly more complicated when you have young kids. Unless those you’re visiting have little ones themselves, it’s unlikely they’ll have a spare cot on the go. Taking your own travel cot lets your little one have a familiar place to snooze when their eyes begin to droop as you natter on with your Auntie over coffee.


Camping is great and exciting way for your kids to experience the outdoors. Having a travel cot makes it even easier to take off for the weekend to visit new places, as you know you have your own portable bed for your tot. This means they can safely and comfortably be put to sleep at night wherever you are. It can also be used during the day if you decide to go for a picnic!

Arc 2 Lightweight Travel Cot

Arc 2 Lightweight Travel Cot - £99.99

5 stars - "This product is brilliant. We used for two years with our little one, it's so light weight which means you can take it in the car or pack for overseas trips. It folds down to a back pack, try doing that with a conventional travel cot. The side unzips, which makes it easy to slide the baby in, or to, leave open for toddler to play in at bedtime. The top opens up so little ones can stand up and peer out. The fitted sheet is a bit fiddly but that's a minor thing. Brilliant to use outside in the summer as a playpen. We have since bought the snuggle pod and it's another great product." - Sue Horler - 19/01/2016


A little different from the camping experience, hotels are still a great way of exploring new places. Having your travel cot can be a massive bonus for hotel stays; you won’t need to worry about additional fees or complications as you’ll already have your cot with you.

Just About Anywhere

A travel cot can double up as a play pen. Wherever you are, you know your tot will be safe in the cot whilst you put your feet up just for one minute.

All prices correct on date of publish.

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