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Mini First Aid: Keeping Your Family Safe Outdoors

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Mini First Aid: Keeping Your Family Safe Outdoors

Mini First Aid offers a range of first aid classes for all the family. We know that accidents will happen when you are out and about with your little ones. If only we could wrap them up in cotton wool! So we have come up with a few handy tips to hopefully help keep your children safe; as well as information about what to do should an accident happen.

Water Safety

As we get the paddling pool out for some garden fun or head off for our holidays, we need to remember the importance of water safety.

Our top water safety rules:

  • Never leave babies and young children alone in a paddling pool or bath. Babies can drown in as little as 3 inches of water.
  • Children must never swim alone, and must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Flotation devices such as arm bands and inflatable rings do not replace the need for parental supervision.
  • Never jump or dive into water without checking the depth or water temperature.
  • Make sure you and your children do not swim straight after eating. Always allow up to 90 minutes before entering the water.

Sun Protection

  • Put your outdoor play equipment in the shade to reduce sun exposure.
  • If out in the park; do a ‘touch test’ on playground equipment before letting your child play on them.
  • Seek shade every now and then to give your children’s skin time to cool down.
  • Apply sunscreen every two hours or if you have been in water, reapply as soon as you are back in the sun. Don’t forget the vulnerable parts; back of the neck, ears and shoulders.
  • Stay hydrated: when it’s hot you sweat more so replace that sweat with plenty of fluids.
  • T-shirts and hats are a must. Protect your children’s shoulders and head as this can help stop sunburn of the neck, shoulders and top of the ears. Eyes are also vulnerable so a cool pair of shades is a must!


  • Check your garden play equipment for broken or missing parts.
  • Cover all protruding bolts or screws with plastic safety caps.
  • Carry water with you. We can use it to clean cuts and grazes as well as to drink!

Head Protection

  • Make sure your children always wear helmets when riding anything with wheels.
  • Teach your children to stay away from the front and back of swings.

Should an Accident Happen

  • Stay calm (your child picks up on your panic).
  • Always take a Family First Aid Kit out with you and keep topped up with plasters and antiseptic wipes.
  • Know the location of your local Minor Injuries Unit or Walk in Centre, should your child have a nasty bump or fall.
  • Learn First Aid. Mini First Aid offers a 2-hour baby & child first aid class that teaches you how to respond to basic and emergency first aid situations.

To book a class, visit Mini First Aid.

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