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Little Explorers: Leafy Love

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Little Explorers: Leafy Love

Who wouldn’t love to receive a sweet message from their Little Explorer on Mother’s Day? Here’s how they can do it, all wrapped up in a leaf heart.

This activity is so good for little ones because it encourages them to think about what they are grateful for, and how they could make someone else smile. Depending on their age you can work with them to write down their secret message or leave them to it. You never know – you might even be the lucky recipient!

You will need:-

Several large, strong leaves – waxy leaves will work best in winter months

  • Wool
  • A wool needle
  • Paper

Next time you go on a nature walk, ask your Little Explorers to hunt for large, strong, wide and waxy leaves. This will get them thinking about how all the leaves on the ground and in the trees and bushes are different – and how they have reacted to the cold winter weather.

At home, draw a heart shape on the underside of one leaf, then pin another leaf to this. Cut the shape out as evenly as possible. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Create a secret message on paper, parchment, or tissue paper – just as long as it can be tightly folded or rolled up and is no wider than the length of the heart. Work with your Little Explorers to decide who they would like to send their message to. Is it a friend, their teacher, a grandparent – or maybe you? They might just want to draw a heart shape – they may request you write an essay in miniature. It will be so sweet and revealing to see the kinds of things they want to thank that person for, or say to them in secret.

Roll or fold the parchment up tightly before placing it between your leaf hearts which you can re-pin the right way around.

The next step is age dependent, but if you pre-poke the hole in the leaves, and use a blunt wool needle, even very young children can sew with a little help. This is amazing practice for improving dexterity. Sew up and over, or perhaps with blanket stitch depending on age. The leaves are likely to rip if your Little Explorer goes for it with gusto, so a delicate touch is required.

The completed love leaf is surprisingly impressive, and now ready for delivery!

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