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10 Items to Add to Your Packing List when Camping with Kids

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10 Items to Add to Your Packing List when Camping with Kids

Does the idea of camping with kids feel extremely daunting, or are you a seasoned camper who finds it exhilarating? There are many variables that may make or break a camping trip, but with a bit of planning it can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will reminisce over for many years to come. Their rosy cheeks after a day playing outside, the excitement in their eyes as they explore the inside of the tent and the wonderment of waking up in the great outdoors to eat breakfast in the open air.

To ensure your next trip goes as comfortably as possible, we have put together 10 of our favourite items that you might not have considered adding to your packing list!

Insect Repellents

Whether it is midge season, tick season or mosquito season, you needn’t let insects spoil your time outdoors, especially in the evenings. Lifesystems Natural Mosquito Repellent has been proven to repel mosquitos, midges, gnats and ticks - plus it is suitable for use on children from 6 months of age. Also, make sure to check your child’s skin at the end of the day if you are visiting an area where ticks may be present. They can be removed easily using a Tick Remover Tool.


For those urgent calls of nature when the camp toilet seems beyond reach, take along a multi-pack of Peebol. The Peebol is a pocket-sized toilet that cleverly turns urine into a solid gel almost instantaneously and you are left with no nasty smells or leaks to worry about.

Blackout Tent

There are so many different styles of tents to choose from, but have you heard of blackout tents? They are ideal for camping with babies and children, or those sensitive to light when trying to sleep. Blackout tents use a specific fabric that has light-stopping qualities. They ensure the bedroom compartment stays as dark as possible, so you are no longer at the mercy of the sun on those long summer days.

Travel Cot

For a good night’s sleep the Arc 2 Travel Cot can easily be transported in it’s own easy to carry rucksack and takes only moments to set up. With the anti-insect mesh and lightweight design, it is perfect for taking on a camping trip.


Camping needn’t stay reserved for just warm summer days, extend your adventures into spring and autumn by taking along a portable heater. Tents are designed to provide shelter, but insulation isn’t so great in the colder months. Make sure to choose a suitable heater that is compatible with electric hook-ups and contains a built-in circuit breaker to stay safe, as well as nice and cosy in those chillier months.


Don’t forget the Wellies - even if it’s dry! The ideal solution for dewy morning grass and quick trips to use the facilities. Then if the weather does turn, your little puddle stompers can splash to their hearts content whilst their feet stay warm and dry.


Camping with toddlers and older children is much like any other day, the most important thing being to make sure they don’t get bored. There will be plenty of space for your little explorers to be entertained, so instead of taking their usual toys or games from home, take along some items to enhance the outdoor experience.

Bikes to explore a little further afield, or a bucket and shovel to collect items around camp. A magnifying glass to encourage their curiosity and allow them to explore their surroundings in finer detail. And what about a small fishing net - there is always a pond somewhere to investigate!

First Aid Kit

Unfortunately bumps and grazes do happen, so it is important to take along a first aid kit. The Littlelife Family First Aid Kit is well-equipped and contains all the necessary basic first aid items you are likely to need to treat the most common injuries. It even includes ‘brave little star’ stickers!

Sheepskin Rug

This might sound strange but take along a small sheepskin rug for a little extra luxury. It is lovely and soothing on your baby's skin and is perfect for supervised play. It can also come in handy for laying underneath (or on top of) camping mats for that extra insulation.

Story Books

To finish off the day there is nothing like being snuggled up in the tent and sharing a bed time story. But as it’s a special adventure, add a little twist and take along a camping themed story book. You will have them drifting off to sleep with a smile on their face in no time. Although possibly a few hours later than normal as routine will probably go out the window the minute you arrive - but hey, that’s the fun of camping!

Additional Tips!

  • If you have never been camping with children before, do a trial run and camp in the garden or near home first. It’s much more convenient if anything gets forgotten or goes wrong.
  • When you load up the car, pack the tent last so it’s the first thing you can reach for when arriving at camp without having to unload all your belongings.
  • Keeping an eye on your little ones might be tricky when setting up the tent, so why not get them involved. They can make great little helpers and handing out pegs when needed is of course the most important job!
  • Finally, embrace the dirt. Of course, pack extra clothes and waterproofs, but don’t feel the need to pack many multiple changes of clothes as you will all be probably having that much fun you won’t even think of getting changed.

Have you been camping with your little ones before? It would be great to hear any tips you have - so please share them below!

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