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Autumn is Awesome

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Autumn is Awesome

The start of October marks the launch of our month-long Autumn is Awesome campaign.

It seems like the children have only just gone back to school but the October half term is just around the corner. Autumn really is an awesome time of year to head outside and have fun with your young family.

Longer shadows, burgeoning fruit trees, the first crackle of an open fire. Trees set the landscape alight, leaves deliver endless fun and animals snuggle down for a long sleep. Awesome.

We’re committed to exploration, discovery and helping children enjoy the great outdoors. With a wide range of backpacks and child carriers, we’re all about supporting life’s little adventures.

The benefits of being outdoors:

Here are the top five benefits of being outside with your young family and enjoying the changing seasons.

1. Take in the fresh air

Nothing quite beats that refreshing first deep breath of fresh autumn air before starting hours of fun outdoor play and of course, as a result, children sleep better. Sleep is vital as when children sleep they process their day and take on board their learning and development.

2. Strengthen the immune system

Being stuck indoors is simply not healthy. By being outside your little one will develop a stronger autoimmune system and a resistance to allergies. Various studies show that children who live in rural areas, or are more active outside, have better overall health.

3. Nothing beats being active

The seasons may have turned but young children still have the energy and desire to play. Children are still growing during the autumn and winter months, and being inactive is not conducive to their muscular development. Keeping them active keeps them strong and healthy.

4. Inspire the imagination

Autumn offers so many awesome ways to stimulate your child’s imagination through play. Den building, scavenger hunts, leaf rubbing – the list is endless. Towns, parks and the countryside give so many opportunities for developing problem solving and imaginative skills.

5. Share fun as a family

Autumn offers fun for everyone - mums, dads and grandparents too. As with any time spent with children, autumn signals the perfect opportunity to bond and enjoy fun outdoors together.

Our guide to making your autumn awesome:

At this time of year there are lots of changes in nature that kids will be in awe. Towns, parks and the countryside are bursting with orange, gold and yellow as autumn arrives. Piles of leaves are crying out to be jumped in. Conkers are precious treasures. Find an autumnal landscape near you, breathe the fresh air and enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. There are so many autumn activities for kids, and the best bit? Just doing simple things can bring big pleasures.

Here is LittleLife’s guide for making the most of awesome autumn:

1. Children love collecting things, so grab a bag or bucket and go for a walk and scavenger hunt in the autumn sunshine. Conkers, leaves, acorns – the list of possible treasures is long.

2. Take a nature book out with you when visiting the park or countryside and see how many things you can tick off as you spot them.

3. Challenge your children to see who can find the biggest leaf, or a leaf in as many autumnal colours as possible.

4. Make enjoying the outdoors safe and easy with our extensive range of toddler backpacks. The ingenious bags with detachable safety reins help you teach your child to walk and wander, whilst helping with balance and confidence.

Throughout October and during half term, we’ll be sharing tips and advice on places to go this autumn; more simple but gorgeous outdoor autumnal activities; as well as a competition to win one of our leading toddler backpacks and a family photoshoot.

We’re encouraging all families to #packitallin this autumn.

To find out more about our Autumn is Awesome campaign, visit our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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