Classic Backpacks (1-3yrs)

Our range of classic toddler backpacks are perfect for the adventurous toddler! When they are refusing to sit in a buggy and just want to run around, pop their stuff into the backpack and head out to play. These backpacks are spacious and work great for when mum, dad or child has to wear them and will never go out of style. Our backpacks are perfect for when your little one wants to be just like mum or dad and pack their own bag for their next adventure. Our bags come in a range of fun, bright colours that your toddler will love! With safety features such as reflective piping and safety reins you’ll have peace of mind on all of your adventures together. The reins also mean that mum and dad can keep their toddler safe whilst they have the freedom to walk and explore.

  • 2016 Runabout Toddler Backpack with Rein
    Runabout Toddler Backpacks with Rein
    From £18.99
    12 reviews

  • Green Alpine 2 toddler backpack
    Alpine 2 Toddler Backpack with Rein
    4 reviews