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Cross Country S3 Child Carrier

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Product code(s): L10531

Product Description

The Cross Country S3 Child Carrier is a favourite with families who need a carrier for all events. This carrier is a slim design but loaded with features such as the fully adjustable backsystem and child seating area. The patented x-buckle child harness is easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

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Note for Parents: Sun Shade included

Product Features

  • Top grab handles & soft face pad
  • Adjustable, anatomically shaped child seating area with x-buckle harness
  • Fabric toy loops and accessory pocket
  • Pivoting hip belt for comfort whilst walking
  • Bottle pocket and side grab handles
  • Large base pocket for essentials
  • Anchor point adds stability when placing the child in the carrier
  • Fully adjustable backsystem

Technical Info

Weight: 2.5kg (5lbs. 8oz.)
Dimensions: 31 x 26 x 70cm (12¼ x 10¼ x 27½”)
Max. Load: 20kg (44lbs)
Capacity: 20 Litres
Adult Fit: 1.57 - 1.93m (5’2” - 6’4”)
Suitable for Ages: 6 months - 3 years
Suitable for Safety: Complies with BS EN 13210:2004 and BS EN 71-3:1994 Safety Standards
Toy Loops: Yes
Adjustable Backsystem: Adjustable
Additional Features: Sun Shade included



Product Reviews for Cross Country S3 Child Carrier


Brought it for my granddaughter, her parents think it is brilliant well built and super comfortable well done


We've had the carried for over a month now, used a few time (including a 30km long bicycle tour) and I am impressed. Even with a bad back, it's comfortable, light and my son had a few naps in it already.

Paul Dishman

Bought this as a gift for my daughter / son in law to use with my 6 month old granddaughter. Unpackaged it myself over there and was delighted with the build quality / finish. It`s being tested out over the next 2 days for the first time to see how it is in use but it is so lightweight, secure and well made I don`t anticipate any problems and they were really pleased with it


I've had my carrier about 2 weeks now and really love it. Used it for the first time when we went to our local food festival and also did some hiking yesterday with it.... Excellent quality and really light weight. I'm short at 5' 2", fits me good which not many carriers do. my little 21 month old explorer loves being high up to view the world. Would recommend to anyone.


Fab product really well made very impressed with the quick delivery, it came 2 days after ordering. Can't wait to use it in Cornwall

Laura Russell

Very pleased with it, my son is 12 months and loves his new ride. It's easy to use and has a large storage compartment. It has a lot of straps for adjusting carrying position for yourself and your child, a bit confusing to start with. The manual could to with more pictures explaining how to change the settings. We used it a lot while on holiday in Cornwall, going on coastal walks and to the beach. It gave us a lot more freedom.


My first child wasn't that keen on being in this, preferring the pram, however it has been totally invaluable for my second. He hates the pram but loves this - I even use it go round the supermarket as he climbs out of the trolley otherwise. He's happy and my hands are also free to deal with my older boy. No. 2 is now 2 yrs old and a hefty 15kg but I still use it for every walk because he still likes being carried! Even with that weight in it it's still comfortable to wear and easy to adjust between my partner, who's 6ft, and myself (5ft 6).


Bought this for my 10 month old grandson who I mind while Mum works. It is the most comfortable carrier I have used and Seb adores being in it. I am only 5ft tall but find it fits well and is very easily adjusted for Mum, Dad or Grandad to use. Invaluable for dog walking.

Viviana Marinacci

The carrier is amazing not only does mommy love the comfort and ease of using it but Rowan our daughter loves it as well. She loves sitting high above me and being able to see the world. She can easily fall asleep and seems comfortable when she does. I highly recommend this carrier. I only wish I had bought it sooner. We use soft buckle carriers and love our Tula but she seems to prefer this one over her others. We had a MEC happy trails one but it was very uncomfortable compared to this one.


Love it. Light weight and very comfortable to wear. Easily adjusts to other people which is handy as both my husband, my babysitter and myself use this almost daily and have been for nearly 3 years now between 2 children. Side pockets are handy for dog treats and poo bags as they can be reached without taking the bag off. The bottom pocket has plenty of space for spare clothes and snacks etc and because it's a ridged, hollow space, you can pack things like sandwiches without them getting squished. The sun shade is handy and provides some protection from wind and rain as well. I've also discovered I can fit a fly net over it which is essential in Scotland for keeping the midges off. Best part is, my children love being in it. They are comfortable and content and QUIET when they're in it.

Brian B

This really is a fantastic carrier. My daughter loved being in it, getting that different view of the world. My son (11months) is now the main user and loves it too. Loves being up there chatting to people!! Spend a little time initially fitting it correctly to you and its comfortable for hours and hours.
My only slight complaint (nitpicking really) is that a couple of gear loops would be handy and a zipped pocket on the waist would be useful for money, keys etc.

Absolutely love the carrier though.


Absolutely fantastic our 5 month old loves it and we prefer to use this rather than a buggy!


Absolutely fantastic our 5 month old loves it and we prefer to use this rather than a buggy!

Tony Greenhalgh

Stunningly well designed and built. Our little girl looks comfortable and happy. I would recommend this to anyone who wants the freedom to go where buggies cannot. You will not be disappointed.